Top Brand Construction and Forestry Equipment

Are you in the market for quality construction equipment at great prices? Or perhaps you are looking for a lawnmower or other garden equipment? With a range covering everything from chainsaws to plate compactors, BS Commercial Power is the place to go in South Africa
and the neighboring countries, as many satisfied customers have already discovered.
BSPOWER takes great pride in a reputation for top name brands–the likes of Honda, Briggs & Stratton and Husqvarna among them–and sensible prices, and they have a team of experts on hand to help you with everything you could possibly need. Have a look at
their east to navigate website for the latest new editions to what is already a comprehensive range of equipment and machinery, and we are sure there will be something for you.
BS Commercial Power is the only name you need to remember for all your construction supplies.


Active and Passive Fire Protection Solutions

Are you looking to upgrade your Fire & Safety protection equipment? It’s always a good idea to have the latest you can in the workplace, and it can mean the difference between containing a fire or having a disaster. Drop down fire curtain is a good idea. For businesses across South Africa, the people you need to consult are the expert team at Fire & Security Distributors, as they have the experience and knowledge to provide you with the solution that is correct for your requirements.

Fire & Security Distributors have many satisfied customers who make use of their active and passive solutions, and they assure you they provide the very latest equipment and also offer full training in its use. You will find them to be friendly and professional throughout, and
they are more than happy to answer your questions.
Have a look at the Fire & Security Distributors website now for more information, or get in touch and have a chat now

Full Range of Cleaning Services

If you are looking for a cleaning company in Johannesburg or Cape Town, one that can help with all areas of cleaning in the home or your business premises, we can recommend Extreme Cleaning Services Cape Town without hesitation, as they have a reputation for excellent service and sensible prices. They can help with every area of cleaning, from floors and carpets to windows and even pest control, and have many satisfied clients who use their services regularly.

Extreme Clean can offer you a one-off service –perhaps for post occupation cleaning – or an ongoing contract deal that is perfect for businesses. They provide a professional, friendly service with an expert team who can help you with any special requirements you may have, and you will find them to be affordable. Have a look at the website now, and request a quote for your cleaning needs.



Privacy Glass at Affordable Prices

If you work in an office complex with large glass areas fronting individual units, you perhaps want to find a way of achieving a level of privacy, without top much cost. Solyx Films is trying their best to bring the best services for everyone around. Or, maybe you have doors in the home with clear windows, and want them to be opaque? Replacing the glass is an expensive option, but there is another way: use one of the superb quality, affordable films from Decorative Films, who can offer you a variety of privacy glass applications.

Decorative Films manufactures a comprehensive choice of different types of film, from frosted films to one-way vision applications, and is established as a leading name in the business in South Africa. We help everyone to get window tinting cape town and at best affordable price. They can help with anything from commercial to residential properties, and are ready to help. With sensible prices and excellent efficiency, you can have your privacy glass solution at little cost, so check out the website now for more information. We know that we can bring the best window tinting service in cape town.